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Our indoor and outdoor doggy daycare offers four separate open play areas where furry kids are separated based on temperament, size, and activity level in order to offer enjoyment to each and every dog. Shy dogs are welcome to stay separated inside if they choose while others can run like maniacs outside in our fenced in all turf play yard with kid jungle gyms! Please know that a lot of our time is spent outdoors, the pups love it! We ask that pet parents take weather into consideration when booking daycare and understand that a dirty dog can be a part of outdoor play! We do offer discounted baths called "go home baths" for our pups that attend daycare or board with us. We are here to let dogs be dogs and enjoy their time whether they choose to be inside or outside.

Dog Daycare | Jeffersonville, New Albany IN

Personalized Care

We are accommodating of specific dietary needs, administration of medicine, or maybe your pup just needs a little extra TLC. Each Bark Louisville dog goes through a temperament assessment and screening process to ensure the safety and well-being of humans and dogs alike.

Rules for Daycare

For the safety and enjoyment for our furry friends, we have a few requirements for dogs to come to daycare, or to be boarded:

  • All first-time dogs must pass a 15-minute temperament test
  • All dogs over one year old must be neutered or spayed
  • All dogs must have up-to-date vaccinations for rabies, distemper, bordetella, and canine influenza

Bark Louisville staff reserves the right to disallow any dog from future visits if a dog is found to be noncompliant with any of these requirements, or if a dog is a threat to the safety of other dogs.


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*Packages are nonrefundable.*

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