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Please browse our frequently asked questions, and feel free to call us if your question is not answered here. We are always here to help!

How do I know my dog is a good candidate for doggy daycare?

Most dogs enjoy being around other dogs and socializing in a pack. Since our facility is totally cage-free, your pup will enjoy being with other dogs without being caged. The first day of daycare helps to determine whether your dog enjoys doggy daycare. Not every dog is a “daycare” dog. If your dog is not enjoying the day, or if your dog seems uncomfortable or unhappy at all, we are dedicated to letting you know and advising against doggy daycare. We want every pup in our pack to enjoy the day! If that’s not happening, we’ll let you know. We don’t want you to waste your money, and we don’t want dogs in the pack if they’re not happy to be here. Chances are, your fur baby will love doggy daycare if he/she enjoys being around other dogs. Most dogs can’t wait to get into Bark Louisville and become very excited when they realize they are coming for a day of play!

What happens on the first day of doggy daycare/during the temperament test?

When you bring your dog to Bark Louisville for the first time, we check you in at the front desk, ask you a few questions, and take your dog into the facility. Your fur baby will be integrated into the appropriate play group slowly (small dogs with small dogs / big dogs with big dogs). We never mix big dogs with small dogs for everyone’s safety. We usually take the new dog in the outdoor play area and bring out one dog at a time until all the dogs are mixing comfortably. We are also happy to e-mail you during the day to let you know how your pup is doing, and you are encouraged to call us and look in on one of the BARK CAMS during the day. It’s best to leave your dog for a full day of daycare on the first day, if at all possible. A full day of play is the best indication of whether your dog is ready for doggy daycare!

Are the play groups always supervised?

Yes. At Bark Louisville, we always have someone in each play group watching the dogs, and interacting with them. Safety is our first priority, followed closely by making sure your dog has FUN!

What does my dog do during a typical day of daycare?

At Bark Louisville, daycare dogs enjoy the company of other dogs in our play rooms, and there is always a staff member on hand to give attention, affection, and interaction. We take the dogs outside for potty breaks every hour or so. We have a nice outside play area, complete with a jungle gym, kiddie pools, and play runs. The dogs enjoy lounging in the sun, resting in the shade, playing in the doggy pool (weather pending), and just getting fresh air. Inside, the dogs play with their friends, run around the room wrestling and playing, or nap throughout the day. Just log onto our BARK CAMS to watch the dogs playing! They have a blast!

What should I bring to doggy daycare?

All you need to bring is your dog! We ask that all dogs are brought into the facility and leave the facility on a leash, so please remember to keep your pup secure outside the building! You don’t need to bring anything else, unless your dog needs medication during the day. We are happy to administer medication during daycare ($2.00/day).

What if my dog eats lunch during the day? Can you feed my dog during doggy daycare?

We can feed dogs during day care ($4.00/day). However, it is our experience that dogs are so excited to be here, when we pull them out of the play rooms to feed lunch, they are not at all interested in eating! We ask that you refrain from bringing lunch for your dog during day care, unless he/she is a growing puppy and/or unless your dog has special needs.

How does the cage-free thing work at night? Where will my dog sleep?

At Bark Louisville, we offer completely cage-free daycare AND boarding. This means that your dog will not be in any sort of cage/crate/enclosure during the day or night unless you have asked for your fur baby to have some private time. The dogs sleep in the same areas they play in during the day. At about 7:00pm we feed all the dogs. Then we bring out all the fluffy beds and blankets, dim the lights, and turn on the soft music. The dogs are so tired after a long day of play and they are relaxed and ready to curl up with their friends, next to their friends, or in a comfy corner by themselves. Last potty break is at about 9:00-9:30pm. We take out all the dogs in their sleeping groups (small dogs with small dogs / big dogs with big dogs). Night lights stay on in the hall way and a staff member spends the night in the facility with the dogs to make sure everyone sleeps well through the night.

Only dogs that pass the temperament test at Bark Louisville (and only dogs that have stayed for daycare at Bark Louisville) are allowed to board with us. We have ZERO tolerance for aggression of any kind. Rest assured that your dog is playing during the day and sleeping at night with ONLY very sociable, non-aggressive, sweet dogs!

What should I bring when my dog boards for the night?

When your dog boards at Bark Louisville, we ask that you limit what you bring to just the necessities. Here are acceptable items:

  1. Food. Please bring the food your dog is accustomed to eating and bring enough for the entire stay. It’s best not to change up your dog’s diet while away from home. If your dog eats wet food mixed with dry, feel free to bring it. We prefer to feed your dog here what your dog is accustomed to eating at home. If you prefer to not bring your dog’s food, we have house food available for $3 a day.
  2. Treats. Please feel free to bring treats, but we ask that you only bring those treats that your dog is accustomed to eating at home.
  3. Bedding. You do not have to bring your dog’s bed from home, but you are welcome to. We have beds and blankets here that we put out for the dogs. If you decide to bring your dog’s bed, please keep in mind that it will be in a room with other dogs and there is a chance it may get damaged or “showered” with a little too much love during the night! That being said, we encourage you to bring a special bed if you feel it will make your dog happier and more comfortable. RARELY have we had beds destroyed, but it could happen. If your dog is accustomed to sleeping in a crate, please let us know. We are happy to accommodate your request for crating at night (especially with puppies!).
  4. Medication. Please don’t forget any medication that your dog may need/require while boarding. We are VERY careful about administering medication to our boarders and we will make certain your dog gets each dose at the appropriate time.

How do you feed the dogs if there are no cages?

We have large kennels that we bring out strictly for feeding. We feed each dog separately, in different kennels. Dogs are never fed together, unless they are siblings and at the request of pet owners. Each dog is given plenty of time to eat. If they don’t eat, or if they only eat some of their food, we try them again a little later in the day/night. We record every feeding how much each dog eats, so we can always tell you how much your dog ate during his/her stay.

Is there someone always on staff at Bark Louisville?

Yes. We have 24-hour supervision. During normal business hours, there are several staff members taking care of dogs, cleaning the facility and handling your customer requests/reservations. At night, a staff member (who also works during the day and knows your dog!) stays overnight at the facility with the dogs. The dogs are NEVER left alone in the building. We are always on hand to make sure your pup has a healthy, happy stay at Bark Louisville.

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